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How do you deal with attention whores?


Jul 7, 2015
As an incel, no woman gives you attention of their own volition, not in this or any other lifetime. Usually guys like us are approached with her having an ulterior motive in mind. Most of the time it's usually for money or some kind of resource, but there's another that gets underrated: an ego boost.

Those of us actually attractive enough to be used for these purposes know how draining this experience can be because on the surface it appears to be genuine interest. The reality is, the girl looked at you and thought she'd have a little fun at your expense while she waits for a better option to make himself available. Or, perhaps, she's going through a dry spell of little to no validation and needs to get her fix (again at your expense).

Normally a girl wouldn't bother with you, but they all love the attention just the same.

All that said, what is the most effective way to deal with an attention whore? Sometimes ignoring or telling them to otherwise fuck off doesn't work in certain situations.