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Slayer How do you actually slay?


Jun 9, 2020
Let's say that i am confident in my looks and young 16-18. How do i slay? What's the process? Where do I go? How do I scan potential targets? Whats goes on in the middle of the slaying ?
You know Finding the girl

info about me(its too much,but i hate people who don't say enough):
You know it's summer break and i am feeling kinda confident in myself so i just wanna go on a little adventure. i have been thinking pools bcs i can flex my muscles there. And i am still living with parents and i cant bring a girl over to my house. i live in Slovakia so very eastern european. average height 180 cm 5ft 10 inches . 80 kg been going to the gym for a 2 years with breaks in between.

potential trouble (i might have):
-my hair is dark brown medium long so it's not long and not short feels awkward af but doesn't look bad looks very good when my hair is wet
-I had trouble in my childhood with my dad so i was kind of a people pleaser and i am not very dark triad to me its just seems too troublesome to go all the way and do all those things dark triad people do
-not rich lower middle class
-my experience with women is at the point where they seem confusing af