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how did i get to this point?

Jun 29, 2015
my life was like a movie growing up. legit each day brought new adventures and possibilities. now it's all gone to shit. i spent all day studying for the GMAT and tomorrow I will do the same. My brain feels fried all the time now. I just want to sleep for an impossibly long time. 

is all my work leading to nothing? I already know that it is. if I would have been born 5" taller everything would be okay and I wouldn't have to kill myself just to feel okay about myself. I wouldn't be always on the lookout for challenges from others and trying to asset dominance over people when there is no need for that. I wouldn't have the deep rooted feelings of inferiority that keep me from letting lose around other people. 

I wish I could go back to the days when none of this mattered. But those days are over now and they will never come back