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Hot/Normie Equation

Jul 4, 2015
There are two options to get laid:

Be hot (8+/10) or be a normie.

Being hot means that women will think about you differently. Their hamster will be spinning at full capacity to make whatever bullshit you have to say meaningful. Being attractive is the most romantic thing to a woman.

Action:                           Hot:                  Ugly:

Follow a girl                   Romantic!         Stalker
Stare at a girl                 Erotic!              Creep
Cheat on a girl                Confused           Loser
Hit a girl                         He cares             Abuser
Refuse to give her up     Meant to be       Clinger

Your alternative to being hot is to be a normie. That is, to legitemately care about totally useless bullshit and be willing to make ridiculous decisions. If you can gossip, care about current events (who's dating who, etc.), get pissed off about some useless idiot doing some useless thing, and generally be a tedious bitch, then you can relate to women. They don't care about deep thought (well sometimes they pretend to: it's called being edgy), they don't care about science or math ("When am I going to use pythagoryans theorie lol").

A girl from my highschool still grieves about a loser druggie who died drunk driving to her house to get her back after they broke up. He almost killed someone too. It's fucking pitiful. But what could I have been to her? I find it difficult to do dumb shit (romance) and I certainly don't care about anything she would want to talk about and visa versa. I can't even fake interest in that kind shit.

It's hard to get laid sub 8/10 with a healthy degree of self restraint and good decision making and valuable hobbies.

Fuck all