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Honest Redpill Assesment of Ok Cupid


Jul 7, 2015
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Having successfully fucked a couple of people from OK Cupid I feel I am officialy qualified to give dating advice, however before we go any further it is important that we first have an accurate understanding of what OkCupid is[/font]
[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Ok Cupid: Is a rock bottom wholesaler of penis. Heterosexual males are in abundant supply and the average fuckable girl (girl you can stick your dick into without cringing) gets five to 8 messages a day.[/font]

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]In order to have sex with OK Cupiders you basically have to put your penis on sale. Which is to say offer yourself to girls lower than you on the totem pole. This however only works if there is someone lower than you on the totem pole. If you are already kinda low your not going to have many options. Here are some options to consider[/font]

  • Less attractive girls: If your a seven or an eight you can realistically fuck fives to sixes on Ok Cupid. 
  • These girls will be ecstatic that a hot guy is messaging them and will have no problem having a one night stand with a hot guy.
  • Fat Girls: Same as the above with the added bonus that they know how to eat and can make you a good breakfast the morning after. The only downside is that while darkness makes an ugly girl less noticeably ugly you will always know how fat a fat girl is.
  • Low Income Girls: Unlike your entitled middle class ass, her mother works two jobs and her father died in a gang war. This girl will be legitimately thrilled when you take her to a moderately fancy restaurant: $15 because no one in her social circle has that kind of money. Your 2005 car will be impressive compared to her 1990 car etc. These girls will be legitimately impressed by you spending moderate amounts of money because her standard of living is so low. Upside: her low income status in no way makes her less physically attractive.
  • Minorities: Now I personally find Black and Hispanic women very attractive. However many white men do not. What this means is there is a lower supply of white men willing to fuck Blacks and Hispanics, thus greatly increasing your value to these populations. If any of this is offensive to you, then chances are you dont understand economics. But what if im a minority male what do I do? Bro I don't know iv never tried it. Watch out for that stop and frisk.
  • Single Moms: There are a bunch of hot single moms out there wanting sex and that baby is a huge vag block for them. Dudes are more hesitant about single moms so if your not then your in luck. Downside: Lets be honest its not as tight.
  • Older women: This women is in desperate need of a husband and her ovaries are slowly drying up. However if you are in your early twenties chances are you are in better shape than anyone in her peer group. So maybe she will let you fuck her.
  • Transvestites: There are alot of trannys on OK Cupid. I dont think there is a very high demand so I guess this could be that golden opportunity you'v been waiting for.
  • Gay Men: Eventually a Gay dude is going to hit you up on Ok Cupid. Now if you are completely heterosexual you can just tell him you don't like the Pee Pees and wish him good luck on his penal scavenger hunt. If not I guess you can enjoy the female privilege of having people promptly respond to your texts, going to a fun exciting new restaurant, having that shit paid for and then having someone actively entertain you during a date. Instead of the usual where you are doing all the work while fucking Samantha checks her fucking phone for the 9th time while you entertain her. Iv never dated a man before but it sounds very good in theory except for the fact that he is a man with a penis.

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Allright that about covers it. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope I didnt offend any one as this is an honest assessment of the modern dating situation. If you are in fact offended stop reading Male dating advice you are a woman.[/font]
Aug 1, 2015