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Holy Fuck I went on MDMA yesterday - NT for a few hours

Severe Aspie

Aug 9, 2015
I didnt take so much, so I still had clear thought.

It again brought me into that more emotional state. It made my aspie obessions go away for two hours. You stop thinking and analyizing so much.

So while I was on it, I went on this site, but I couldnt read this shit site for more then 5 mins without getting immensly bored.
things on here looked so low IQ and pointless because all the things where repeaten the same time.

Thats probably what NTs/Mentally healthy people feel when they see this place.Its very difficult to take it serious.

I then met a friend, and we went to a club.  I went a bit early there then him he came later.

While I was there a girl approached me - and the way she looked at me was very, friendly and very warm.(I normally cant see things like that in my normal perception - but in that states you really realize all the subtile things and submessages).

She really looked at me like she wanted to fuck. She didnt mention it, but the way she talked and moved her body towards me was like she wanted to fuck.

I didnt continue talking to her, because my(slayer) friend arrived then. He is very NT, and very judgemental towards female looks.
I wouldnt risk losing respect from my friend because the girl was only a 5. So the rest of the night I just hang around with him.

Although she was "only a 5" in my MDMA-NT state I was attracted as fuck to that girl and felt very warm when she looked at my face all the time. I really wanted to fuck the shit out of her like an animal.
Normally I would analise all her facial feature and her flaws and compare her to other girls and i dont feel real attraction towards females in my league because I was think and analyze lookism :giggle:
Jan 30, 2016
Epic coping.    You were fucked up on a mildly hallucinogenic drug that gives you a body high, makes you horny, and makes being touched feel good.