High Status = EVERYTHING


Jul 10, 2015
Forget aesthetics, forget personality, here's the truth. Women want a man with status. Status is everything. That's why you see old farts with young tarts. If you're wondering why you haven't been successful with women, this is why. Lifting and exercise will only change your facade.

That's why women tend to go for men in relationships more than men not in relationships. Because another woman has done the pre-screening required and deemed him worthy to date. He's got a bit of status from that alone but this barely scratches the surface. It's just an example you can all relate with.

As much as girls want a nice, sweet, romantic comedy loving guy who she can snuggle up with under the blanket on the couch watching that shit, let's face the cold hard truth, they're lying to you about it and only want status. It comes down to is what can you offer her? There's always an exchange. Doesn't matter how nice you are or how well you'll treat her, it comes down to what can she get out of you? Security, that her genes will pass on, that she can live comfortably.

Ever hear two women talking about a man? What type of men do they usually talk about? Men with status. Talking about a man with status raises her status because now she's associated with that high statused man. That's why people love taking pictures with celebrities, because now they feel special and being in their presence raises their sociability as if they went to an event that was exclusive to be able to meet such celebrity, then they can put it up on facebook and all their friends can "like" it.

You'll never hear her talk about a man who has little to no status because he's not worth mentioning. Women will only talk about their boyfriend/husband to their girl friends if he's got high status, because she wants to show him off. That's cause she knows they're gonna ask her "what does he do for a living?" and she's gonna wanna say something cool. If you're young and of low status (be honest with yourself) and dating at the moment, consider yourself lucky because most young girls haven't thought of pre-screening men for their status yet. But she'll realize soon and once she does, she's dumping you and upgrading.

Don't get me wrong though, personality is great! Having the same things in common is great! You'll definitely get closer to a girl with that in mind. But think about it then, why don't girls date guys who are in the friend zone? They have everything in common. Is it because they're not attractive? Is it because she doesn't wanna ruin their friendship? No. The simple truth is he has nothing to offer and most likely doesn't have high status.

Women will look for personality traits that offer them something. If they're going for an attractive man who has confidence, then what she's getting out of it is knowing that their future children will have those attributes too and she'll feel good about it, but more importantly, she thinks he already has status because men of that stature are powerful. Men do the same thing. If we see a skinny high maintenance blond with a little dog wearing pink heels, we think she's probably got money, whatever the source of that money is. But if a man has overwhelming status, then all women will compete for his attention, regardless of his looks.

If you look at dating site statistics, women rarely ever go for men who make less money than them, that's why they ask for your income range, cause women screen for that and seek higher status men. Men who make less than the woman are automatically disqualified. Status and money are very closely related but status dominates money because a lawyer making X and a plumber making X (X = same amount), the lawyer will win if all else is the same. That's why your mom's like be a lawyer or doctor. Cause she knows it's true and she wants her genes to pass on, which means she wants you to succeed.


hairloss expert
Jul 14, 2015
Please define what you mean by "status". Provide examples of what would make a man "high status".

Celebrity is one kind you have provided, but that is 1/400,000 at most prevalence. Is there any type of "status" you think should make a man successful with women that happens at any higher level of incidence?

If you're just talking about a good job title like lawyer/VP/economist/investment-banker/doctor/dentist and making >$200K a year, that is most definitely not "everything". I have that and it makes no difference to me except that I get "wants to meet you" notifications once every few days from another 31-39 year old aging, wrinkly, fat, sometimes single-mom woman on POF trying to land a free ride.

Yay me. Yay status.

If you know of some way I can use my "status" to get laid with attractive girls, I'm all ears. Seriously. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.


Jul 12, 2015
And to get status you have to be goodlooking. Just like to acquire M you have to be goodlooking. So it all comes down to looks in the end.

And if you manage to obtain M + S by cheating the system and being ugly. You will end up like Mark Cuckerberg