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HAha i failed girl rather read text


Aug 29, 2015
So i noticed this hb 7/10 latina in my math class which teaches trig and college algebra. I walk over to say hi and make some small talk said i noticed last class and thought you were cute so i thought i come over and say hi. This girl was glued to her phone looks up for 5 seconds and smiles,i walk to the elevator and tell her my name and ask her for hers she says jolie i shake her hand and i say nice to meet you. I ask her were she is heading how many semesters she has been here for. She says she is heading to go get some lunch at the cafeteria before i can say bye see ya next class she zooms off. All while this is happening a guy is my class is introducing himself to a girl also but this guy did alot better the girl seemed more interested in him and they walked off to the library mind you she is a 6/10. The 7/10 latina had full makeup on the first two classes, i wasn't even sure if it was the same girl from before. It will be funny as hell if next class turns out its the wrong girl.


Oct 27, 2015
One time this 5/10 latina asked me if I did well on a test and started asking me questions about it, however I was not on that class and didn't take the test obviously, so I said "I think you are confusing me with somebody" and she got all red and walked away