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Guy on Reddit makes topic CRYING about being BALD and his Weird Head Shape!


Feb 6, 2016

Some of the hilarious responses

Explain it to you? Okay. Here goes.

How having an indented skull is fine... A real human skull has hills and valleys. Yours seem to be a bit more noticeable than mine, but that doesn't make it WRONG! It just makes it different.

How people IRL making comments is fine... People commenting on the shape of your skull, in real life? Perhaps someone purposely trying to be mean might do this, but I can't imagine that large numbers of people, strangers on the street for instance, would care enough to comment. Truthfully, most people are way too self-absorbed to comment on your looks, positive OR negative.

Do they just walk up to you randomly, and insult you? Or are you asking for their opinion, first?

Imgur and other online sites... When your thread is themed MY WEIRD HEAD SHAPE or something comparable, it intentionally draws attention to any variation or possible imperfection. You're bringing this on yourself.

Lying? How dare you. Fuck you. You don't like our answers, fine...but telling everybody with whom YOU happen to disagree that WE are lying, deceiving you, etc is just ridiculous. It's also insulting. I am not a liar, and how dare you take that position.

Even in this sub, a sub that is KNOWN for fighting baldness with every fiber of our being, we are telling you that you look fine, bald.

Open those ears and start listening. And stop insulting people who are kind enough to put up with your crap.

Do we think you look OK? Yes.

You don't like that answer? Fine. LEAVE!

Oh my God you're being such a little bitch man. First of all, show us a proper fucking angle if you're gonna take the time to make this thread and respond to every fucking comment. Second whatever shape your head is its YOUR fucking head. Your options are: 1. Try treatments or 2. Accept it. Last I checked being a little bitch doesn't grow you a full head of hair.

Also it sort of looks like you used a bald app or something and now you're just trolling.
If I don't look like Brad Pitt or the Rock or Vin Diesel, I'm not good looking , and therefore don't pull off being bald.

I have a weird head and yet I look good? okay let me just model while at it.
Fine, curl up in a fetal position and weep. Handle it however you wish, or don't. But you still have to live your life.

Your attitude goes beyond pathetic. Oh boo-hoo. You can't man up because your skull is shaped differently than Bruce Willis?! Go suck your thumb, you pathetic wuss.

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Jul 3, 2015
Dude is obv trolling, but reddit never fails to deliver the bluepill hilarity