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Got an IOI at the gym today from a high E 7.5/10 white HQSP girl


Feb 1, 2016
I'm going to be honest, her face was a mix of feminine and some very minor primitive features, but she was still nonethless a 7.5/10 with huge ass and tits. Black hair and grey eyes. And she wasn't fat either, she had good frame. Probably as tall as me lol.

She kept looking into my eyes while I was avoiding eye contact and looking around like the alpha(/incel) that I am. I'm going to be honest, most people at my gym are pretty ugly so the competition isn't very strong, but I'm not a Chadmir either...so yeah.

I have a recessed maxilla...and I have hot chicks looking at me. IMAGINE if I fix my maxilla. Or if I had been mewing since birth.

Fuark lol.