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Girl macked on me - I fucked it up


Jul 19, 2015
So story time.
Was out again. This time I was more stifled because the last time I got rejected a few times from a few sluts that I approached ..(in stupid aspie situations like when they went ot he toilet or something lol)

My friend managed to hit on one girl and then her friend came in so I just went up to her and stood next to her, said smoething like "Dont worry he is cool"

She looked at me and then began gaming me. I isolated her, she "showed" me her flexibility right in front of me lol, I grabbed her ass the whole time and her tits, kissed her neck etc. she liked it.

Her friends then came in and were like "uhh whats going on her wink wink" and introduced themsevles to me. I was aspieng out just sitting there and her friends pulled her away, she said "add me on fb, my full name is xyz, x y z " 

I didnt even bother adding her and I wasnt even mad because she was average, not even that attractive but I just capitalized on it since I could.

Still doesn'T solve my issues with my retruded midface which is making my confidence quite shaky unfortunately.