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Ginger-haired incel plotted cyanide attack LOL

Jun 29, 2015
I don't blame him, people get a sadistic pleasure on bullying people for things they can't change. 
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]'T[/font]here used to be this gypsy woman who lived down there who used to praise her dog every time it scared off a redhead or me,' he wrote. 'It's the typical anti red haired brigade, just insecure racists.'
Colborne allegedly considered suicide because of the bullying, believing it was the root of his mental health problems.
'I can't concentrate properly, the pain is increasing every day, it feels like my head is in a vice,' he said.
'My anxiety is increasing, I keep making myself sick all the time, I can't keep down meals, I can't go forward I can't go backwards. 
'What is it about me that says abuse me, ridicule me, beat me?'
He told the court he was a hoarder and his room was 'as absolute tip' when it was raided.
He admitted officers found bottles of his own urine along with his poison making manuals.
All this because of the color of his hair. All the normies are going to say it was because of his attitude, not his hair and show a  famous ginger, or a ginger with a good looking face with a girl.