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Gay Periods/Straight Periods


Jul 5, 2015
I alternate alot, I go through gay periods and straight periods. I have days when I am into girls and days when I am into guys. What I find is that when I am really into one sex, the other just doesnt do it for me. For example I am currently in a gay period, where I am into guys, and when I look at girl porn, it just doesnt do it for me, I need that extra spice, I need to get off to guys. Its not like I am repulsed by the idea of a girl in those moments, but when I am getting off at that time, I need to look at guy/gay porn in order to feel satisfied. Alternatively When I am in a "straight" or girl periods, looking at guys or gay porn, just wont do it for me, I need to get off to girls.

I've noticed that when I am heavily into dudes I get depressed, because I feel like, how can I ever make it work with a girl if I have these periods where girls dont turn me on as much as guys? I desire to be with a girl, I dont want to be lieng to her or hiding anything from her, I want to be completely honest with her about my fluctuating desires, but at the same time I dont want to hurt her feelings, or have her feel like I dont love her because I am into guys at the moment.

How can I keep her satisfied in bed, when sometimes I am in a guy period for weeks on end and the feelings are so strong that its tough to get fully hard for a girl? Then like with a snap of a finger, boom I'm into girls again and all that self doubt takes a back seat until the attracton to girls wears off and I'm back into guys, and the whole self doubt/depression cylce starts up again.

These fluctuations are killer. I really do envy some of you here who are so ok with your attraction to both.