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g-g-g-give me your money im a stuttering crook


Jul 17, 2015
ill steal a fuckin 1st graders colouring book. you little slut, better give up ya crayons, or imma have your parents arranging the fuckin sayins. pregnant hoes aint beautiful, theyre just fat women who are a little fatter than usual. listen chubby bitch, youre sinkin my rowboat, im like a yacht salesman the way i showboat. i dont tell tasteless jokes but im startin to. whats red and dances? a baby on a barbecue. the less i care the better it is, send the judge a death threat and write the letter in jizz. ill show u rookies what a veteran is. ill bubble like a soda, couldnt measure the fizz. u sleepin on me? u dumber than a spatula, im hot like egyptian summers in africa mothafucka