Further proof that a good relationship will cure depression

Jul 6, 2015

Read this, he talks about his depression and not being able to relate to people. But it's abundantly clear that he's an unattractive austist who just needs sex. If you DEPRIVE men of sex, they WILL get depressed 100% of the time.

Deprive any human of validation and they will become depressed.

That's why I don't respect depressed individuals who blame their depression on "genetics" or things they can't understand. All you need to fucking do is get validated and occupy your time with shit, keep busy. If you sit inside all day without anyone contacting you, of course you're going to feel like shit.

If you received NO positive reinforcement while growing up, OF COURSE you will have low self esteem and find it difficult to be confident.

Genetic autism may exist, but it is vastly overshadowed by how much your environment can exacerbate it.