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Funny: if anything girls can do it's LOOKSMAXXING/LOOKSFRAUDING


Jul 19, 2015
I am not incel but also not fullblown slayer either.

So I get to know quite a bit of girls and even the most train wreck sloots that I've got to know..the ones that got raped and/or are brutally lazy and stupid and even depressed....it's soooo funny that those can't get ANYHTING done in their life YET the only thing they do FIRST is looksmaxxing with makeup and posing and doing selfies JUST LOL

So lets take this extreme example that I've recently got to know and am textng with her every now and then, I was acutally interested in banging her and a friend of her lol...

She is a train wreck as I've found out: She was been raped, she has been harrassed quite a few times from strangers, got some mental issues like depression and panic attacks every now and then, is lazy as fuck and dumb as fuck...is just hanging around pretending she is "studying"...and all in all, she is just a lazy cunt which I don't respect AT ALL - she even noticced that and told me that I am quite disrespectful to her but still is texting me like every day.

Funny thing is EVEN THOUGH she is lazy, can't get shit done, doesn't have ANYHTING goin in her life, NOTHING interesting at all she STILL manages to do some LOOKSMAXXING and stupid selfies. It's like LOOSKMAXXING is even BEFORE food orr any other basic need for cunts....if there is ONE thing girls WILL do no matter how sad their situation is, its looksmaxxing