Foreskin Restoration Progress - Four Years

Jul 2, 2015
What is even the point of this?

Why does he give a fuck to the point of 4 years of dedication of stretching his dick skin.

Jesus Christ

Aug 5, 2015
Ceaselessly said:
What is even the point of this?

Why does he give a fuck to the point of 4 years of dedication of stretching his dick skin.
Why Restore Your Foreskin
[img=80x73][/img]Foreskin restoration is a process of growing new skin to simulate the intact foreskin. It is a long, drawn-out process that can take more than a year to accomplish.
Why Restore
It is natural to wonder why a man would make the effort to restore something that was so easily and quickly removed from his penis. The following are various reasons that men restore. I came up with this list of reasons based on my personal experience and from reading several forums and websites. The reasons below are frequently given by many men.
Better sex 
Face it, we all want better sex and more sex. The foreskin is part of a man's sex organ. Having a complete sex organ makes sex better for men. It makes sex better for women. And if women are happier with sex, they will want it more, which makes it better for men.
Better sexual function 
Just about all restored men report that sex is much better after restoring their foreskin. Many say they have whole body orgasms.
Here are what some men say about their restoring efforts and sex:
I am not yet fully restored, but after about 8 months of restoring, I think I know what they mean about whole body orgasms. As I approach orgasm I feel a tingling all over my body. It is particularly strong in my extremities. My scalp tingles. My hands tingles. The tingling then works its way to my core as it builds in intensity. By adjusting my stroke, I can control how quickly it comes and how long it lasts. At orgasm, I feels waves of spasms flow through my body. I can keep it going for several seconds. Afterwards, it takes me several minutes to regain my breath as I lie there panting.
Before I restored, I used to be out of breath when I ejaculated. It was because I was working so hard to ejaculate that I was physically strained and out of breath. Now, I don't have to work as hard to stimulate myself to orgasm. I am out of breath because of the orgasm, not because of the effort to get there.
-- Tally  

Before I restored, I ejaculated. Now, with a restored foreskin, I have orgasms.
-- Tally 

I was circumcised at the age of 19 for purely adolescent insecurity reasons, not for any physical problem. I immediately was aware of how uncomfortable the now-exposed glans was, but soon it calloused over (keratinized) and became much less sensitive (meaning sexually less pleasurable). Twenty years later I learned about non-surgical foreskin restoration, which I accomplished, and I was delighted that the re-protected glans regained its original soft and sensitive surface.
Both my wife and I enjoy the renewed sensitivity as well as the loose skin — the way the penis was designed to be. I say that intact my sex life was a 10, circumcised it was a 3, and restored it is a 7. I’ll never be a 10 again (only God can design a perfect penis), but 7 is a heck of a lot better than a 3!
-- David 

More sensitive penis 
The glans and inner foreskin are mucous membranes. This is the same type tissue as under your eyelid. It is a very thin covering that allows the nerves to sense fully. The glans and inner foreskin remnant are exposed when the penis is circumcised.
As a defense mechanism, the glans and inner foreskin remnant develop a calloused layer from years of clothing and bed sheets rubbing against the tissue. The calloused layer is keratin. The calloused layer insulates the nerves under the layer from being as sensitive and stimulated to touching of the glans and inner foreskin.
To get an idea as to how sensitive the corona and inner foreskin should be, lightly run your fingertips across the back of your hand. Then lightly run your fingertips across the palm of your hand. Notice the difference? The palm is much more sensitive.The palms of your hand have Meisner's corpuscles, which are sensitive, fine touch nerves. These are the same types of nerves that are in the inner foreskin and corona.
Now lightly run a fingertip from the tip of the penis toward your scrotum. Is your glans, frenulum, and inner foreskin more sensitive than the shaft skin between the circ scar and your scrotum? If not, then foreskin restoration can help. 
Why sex is better for Women 
The Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association published a report that determined sex with a circumcised man contributed to vaginal dryness and women being sore after sex. The report determined that vaginal dryness occurred more frequently as women aged. The mobile foreskin of intact men proved to be more stimulating for women and prevented women's natural lubrication from being pulled out of the vagina.
Many restored men report that their wives and girl friends notice a significant difference in sex after the men restored. The use of lubrication during sex decreases and often no extra lubrication is needed. Women that used to get sore from sex no longer feel discomfort afterwards. Many women report that the penis feels different during penetration. They can feel the gliding action as the penis glides within the foreskin.

Correct tight skin or painful erections 
Unfortunately, not every circumcision has a suitable outcome. Sometimes, too much skin is removed and the shaft skin is too tight during an erection. Sometimes, the skin is so tight during an erection that the scrotal sack is pulled up onto the penis to form a turkey neck. In extreme cases, this can force the testicles inside the body and be painful.
Another side effect of circumcision is when the skin is unevenly removed by the doctor. If too much skin is removed from one side of the penis that has been tightly circumcised, the penis may have a bannana-type curve when erect.
Foreskin restoration helps with these types of problems. By growing new skin, the problems of the skin being too tight or being unevenly distributed go away.
Obtain a natural look and appearance 
To many, the circumcised penis looks naked and unnatural with the glans exposed and a circumcision scar circling their shaft. An intact, covered penis looks different than a circumcised penis. A foreskin is part of the natural body. By restoring the foreskin, the penis can be returned to almost its natural appearance. The restored foreskin covers the glans and resembles a natural foreskin. The circumcision scar is hidden inside the restored skin tube.
Protect the glans and inner foreskin remnant 
When the glans of acircumcised man rubs against his shorts or clothing, the sensitive penis tissue is irritated. This constant irritation decreases over time as the man ages.
The glans and inner foreskin remnant are mucous membranes, the same type of tissue as under your eyelid and inside your mouth. The foreskin protects the mucous membranes. After circumcision, the mucous membranes are exposed and rub against clothing and bed sheets. Over time, the mucous membranes keratinize, that is, they develop a calloused layer that protects the tissue. Foreskin restoration grows a skin tube that covers the glans, thereby providing the same protection as the natural foreskin. Because some of the foreskin structure removed during circumcision helps keep the foreskin forward over the glans, in order to protect the glans, enough skin must be grown. Many men can grow enough skin to have full flaccid coverge within 1 to 2 years. Full erect coverage takes longer.
Obtain a sense of physical well-being and comfort 
Many men report that, by having their glans covered, they are more comfortable and don't have a sense of being naked. The glans and inner foreskin remnant have mucous membrane, which is irritated when touched. Think about peeling back your eyelid and touching that mucous membrane. Not a comfortable thought. The foreskin is the natural cover for the glans. The foreskin is a sheath that protects the mucous membranes. With the foreskin in place, there is not that constant irritation when clothing rubs across the sensitive exposed parts of the penis.
With the glans covered by the foreskin, a man can move without feeling an irritation around his private parts. I feel a lot more comfortable now that I have full flaccid coverage.
Obtain a sense of mental well-being 
Many men report a newfound sense of well-being by having their glans covered with skin. It is not uncommon to hear reports of restorers feeling more confident, feeling more secure, and having a sense of wholeness. Benefits like these are difficult to measure. They are not the type of benefits that would ever be studied by the medical industry. Generally, the medical industry considers a penis that allows the owner to procreate to be a fully functional penis.
Personally, I feel a bit more confident since I started restoring. It may be a result of me taking charge of my life or because I have restored to the point of flaccid coverage.
I also feel more empathy than I have before. This is a subtle change, but having lived 50 years as a circumcised man, I know my moods and emotions. Since restoring, I have become more in tune with my emotions and I can empathize with others.
To make a philosophical and/or human rights statement 
Many men are upset that a part of their genitals were cut off at birth. They feel that it was a violation of their human rights to be circumcised. Many men restore to make a philosophical and/or human rights statement that, even though a part of their body was cut from them without their permission, they will overcome that loss and replace what was taken from them the best they can.
Satisfy a sexual desire for foreskin 
Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal brought on by any body part not conventionally viewed as being sexual in nature. A foreskin fetish does not make sense because the foreskin is part of a man's sex organ and, in parts of the world outside the United States, is recognized as being sexual in nature. But, many people who advocate circumcision claim that foreskin restorers have a foreskin fetish. This may be because those people are unaware that the foreskin is naturally part of the sex organ and plays a large part in sexual satisfaction.
Even still, there are those men who really enjoy foreskin. By definition they do not have a foreskin fetish. But, such men are motivated to restore in order to have a foreskin.