for god's sake NEVER do this on tinder

Oct 26, 2015
For the love of phuck, do not spoof tinder to a popular European ski resort during the middle of the season. Every girl is a young, slim, white "adventurer" IG model with many bikini pictures in exotic locations and usually one or two photos including tall, dark slayermen. Their bios are either blank or something like "girls just wanna have fun ;)"

They have a social value infinitely greater than yours and can live like goddesses, travel anywhere for free and get anything they want, just with a bit of flirting. All the while they will post on FB (from airport wifi) about how they are oppressed and have none of the opportunities men have.

I have swiped 350 in the last three days, got four matches. None have replied and one unmatched me within 5 mins, before I said anything. She was fat and ethnic.

I URGE YOU ALL TO AVOID THIS, DO NOT TRY IT YOURSELVES. I am skiing this week and see them all for myself out on the mountain, in groups of friends. They dress very fashionably. My ski clothes are 15 years old and I have an aged and weathered face.

It's over.