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First 3 posters in this thread will get PMed pictures of my BBC...


Oct 27, 2015
...on this heterosexual website.

inb4 Cope:

1: Up until now I have tried to keep my hands out of the pictures cuz my hands are distinctive (tiny as fuck wrists, dark knuckles) but I was accused of frauding with the tape measure being slack, so I fixed that in the last few pics.

2: My dick, after a certain level of erection, bends (lol), making it awkward to measure while holding the phone/cam and tape measure; but it has its use I guess - when in missionary position, it bends upwards towards the female pubic bone. U mad?  :popcorn:

3. The measurements vary, especially after jerking off, even if I wait an hour or so. It's obv longer beforehand (no pun)

4. I don't even use my dick anymore anyway. The only reason I bothered to measure is because so many people here asked (....on this heterosexual website). People on this website care more about my dick than I do.