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Feminists protest at the Republican National convention

Aug 31, 2015
[font=NotoNashkArabic,]On July 17, 2016, in the midst of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio,100 women joined forces and got naked.[/font]
[font=NotoNashkArabic,]The mass undressing was organized by photographer Spencer Tunick, who has been planning his large-scale nude photography project, titled “Everything She Says Means Everything,” for months.[/font]

[font=NotoNashkArabic,]In May, Tunick called out for volunteers to participate in his vision, to interrupt business as usual at the RNC with a flood of nude bodies. The only requirement: be a woman ― whether Democrat, Republican, or any other political platform. Tunick hoped the work would serve as an act of peaceful protest, combatting the hateful rhetoric Donald Trump and his followers have directed at women, through the simple power of collective creation. [/font]

[font=NotoNashkArabic,]The message resonated. Over 1,800 women signed up to participate. Each participant submitted a statement explaining their reason for getting involved. One wanted a way to remember her body during pregnancy, another hoped the experience would help her heal after she was sexually assaulted. Some wanted to accept and celebrate their aging bodies, others to leave a positive impact on their daughters.[/font]

[font=NotoNashkArabic,]Many hoped to stick it to the RNC. The women came together outside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena the day before the convention was scheduled to start.[/font]


Even google images thinks they're cows

Jan 30, 2016
That protest was weird, but the RNC is a complete joke as is the DNC. Five hundred million people in this country and these two clowns are the best each convention could pick?   It's over.   America is through.