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Feminism, Western Civilization and You: A primer


Jul 6, 2015
The endgame of feminism is to maximize female power while minimizing female accountability. This is going to have disastrous effects on society if allowed to continue unchecked. Feminists will decry this as untrue and say "that's Not True Feminism. Feminism is only concerned with equality."

This is not only false, but a malicious lie, a smokescreen concealing the movements' true intentions. It only takes a cursory examination of the modern day feminist movement to show why this is a lie.

Look at the unholy alliance forming within the social justice community: feminism and fat acceptance. Fat acceptance is a very harmful idea and should not exist in any sane society, especially one with public medicine. And it is very female-centric. The entire purpose of the movement is to maximize female options while removing accountability.

Another salient example is the campaign against "slut shaming". Women assert their god-given right to have sex with whoever she wants and not suffer consequences from such. In fact, not only should she not be judged for having sex, she should be applauded as sex-positive and progressive.

In the United States of America, we are in the process of witnessing a return to matriarchy and to women being the prime decision makers when it comes to the family unit. This is very fucking bad for western civilization.

Monogamy was the driving force behind advanced civilization. Why? Because it maximized the potential of society's beta males by promising them a mate, but only IF he was productive and contributed enough to society to be deemed "marriageable" by the girl's parents. If a man was given exclusive access to a woman during her prime reproductive years, he would produce to the best of his abilities to provide for his family. Monogamy is the apollonian social contract which enables

If monogamy is Apollo, then female sexuality is Dionysus. Female sexuality is a complex thing, but two drives are almost universal to most healthy, mentally-sound women who are not on birth control: sexual attraction to dominance and status. This drive is especially pronounced when women are most fertile. It's likely it's biological in nature. The attraction to high-status and dominance is usually termed "hypergamy". This is an easily-observable phenomenon to anyone with commonsense, but empirical evidence has also supported this by showing that women have higher levels of prefrontal cortex response when dominance cues are shown (Sadalla, 1987). This is Chad.

Feminism's intense fixation on female-centric status elevation has the unfortunate side effect of disenfranchising a large portion of men. If you couple the increasing role of the state/corporation to act as surrogate husband along with the vanishing social controls on women's innate hypergamy, you'll find that many men are both unmarriable AND unfuckable.

This is incels in a nutshell. incels, for the most part, are not sexy in the dominant sense. They are not "Chads", but their nature might have made them a good provider and husband in the past, aka a "dad". Due to feminism, though, these men are pointless as providers and aren't very appealing sexually, so women can ignore them with little consequence while chasing the dominant males throughout their peak fertility years.

There are a few ways I think males will respond to this, some of which are already coming true. Men will either try to become Chads or "herbivores", aka men who have no interest in actual women.

The latter is happening in Japan right now. Men say "why bother wasting my life in the ratrace providing for a woman who may not even appreciate me? Especially when porn feels so much better. Fuck bitches and whores" they only work enough to pay for basic amenities and an internet connection.

The former model is more akin to what happens in an American ghetto: young men grow up in fatherless, semi-matriarchal societies and are so disincentivized towards productivity that they become either gangbanging Chads or useless thugs who shoot each other over petty status disputes.

Either path has many problems associated with it and the resulting society will be worlds away from the one that took a man to the moon and created the internet.

We are witnessing a return to nature partly because of feminism. Expect america in the future to look more like Compton than pleasantville. Expect Chad to fuck a greater share of the bitches in the future. There are cures but the disease is in advanced stages.

Supreme Cuckold

Jan 25, 2019
This user probably is in the top 10 of most intelligent to have ever posted in this site.

Just LOL at this thread having no comments.


Dec 28, 2018
Supreme Cunt said:
This user probably is in the top 10 of most intelligent to have ever posted in this site.

Just LOL at this thread having no comments.

humans are superficial, this guy has no avi, low post count, doesnt use gif and no tldr

as such almost no replies to his thread