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Females have no interest in hobbies because they don't face the same life struggles


Jul 6, 2015
For many men, hobbies are a solace in a world of darkness and pain, it's where they can find their freedom from societal expectations and from the responsibilities of adulthood. It's no wonder why many hobbies are based on nostalgia for the lost innocence of carefree childhood days. For men, puberty is not a time of increasing freedom, but of decreasing happiness as different expectations are suddenly placed into him.

Women have no experience of such things. For women, puberty is a time of freedom, finally she is free from the prison of the home and can join cocaine fueled orgies with Chad, Kevin, Jamal and Tyrone. There is no reason why she should miss her childhood years when adolescence is so much better, for a woman childhood is a dark age of repression, not of carefree innocence.

Females only experience the change that males experience at puberty later, when they reach 33/34 years and they are not invited to orgies anymore. That's why old females look back to their promiscuous and degenerate days in the same way adult men look back at their carefree youth days. The result is that while adult men have hobbies, old women become even more slutty, having degrading sex with lesser men while they are married to a beta male cuckold fetishist.