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"Facial Harmony" is almost completely subjective and depends on who's looking


Jun 30, 2015
Yes, I'm saying that physical attractiveness is subjective but only to an extent. Things such as height, frame, good bone structure, good hair, nice teeth, and clear skin are pretty much objective but once these things are achieved, differences in perceived attractiveness come down to the amount of people that like the way your face is arranged. 

The fact that nobody has come up with a way to measure this "facial harmony" proves it. I've honestly never seen this term used outside of PSL and plastic surgery websites. When people say this they're basically saying "I like the way his facial features are arranged".

I still believe averageness plays a part as studies show that composite faces are rated more attractive but some people clearly don't have average features and are still considered harmonious. 

Facial Harmony = Facial features appeal to a large number of people.