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Evolution and suppression made women fulltime liars and extreme manipulators


Oct 31, 2016
They've been physically suppressed for more than 200.000 years. In order to survive, they had to become liars and manipulators. There was no other way to survive male physical dominance then to become supreme manipulators. 

Nowadays, they don't have to lie as much as they did back then, but their brain didn't evolve much, cause it takes millions of years before something biologically changes.

Nothing, nothing a woman says is true. Even when they don't need to lie, they lie. Nothing a woman on this board says is true, there's always a hidden thought, there's always an underlying purpose. They're the most unauthentic creatures that ever roamed this planet. 

The only moment a woman doesn't lie, is the moment she doesn't speak. 99.999999999% of the things they say, is a LIE. A sheer LIE.

I could explain this in detail, with real life examples to show that things aren't the way they seem to be, for the non-believers with birdbrains, but you have no attention span, so i have to resort to hyperboles.