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Even Slayers Don't Always Win

Dec 18, 2015
Tinder siren lures man to drive to a sexual encounter despite having drunk several pints

AN amorous driver was caught three times over the limit - while responding to a "suggestive invite" from a woman on a dating website.

"He got a text to go and meet a girl, put her postcode into the sat-nav but it died and he got lost. He got bogged down on the grass and tried to push the car out.

"During this he lost his keys and went to get help.

Paul's probation officer, Mike Isherwood, said: "The defendant recognises this as a very foolish mistake.

The court also heard he had lost his marketing job working for a chain of bars.

Nick Terry, defending, said: "He had no intention of driving that night but got a suggestive text message and made a poor decision.