don't f ur kids over

Aug 20, 2015
I go to a high school in Los Angeles pretty much filled with chinks. The asian girls here are like any other, so
if ur tall and white, u have a pretty damn good chance of getting laid. I'm probably a 4/10, I dress terribly,
and have a recessed jaw, but I'm 6'1, slightly above average height for a white male, so I go up like
3 points, and have been hit on somehow. I plan to lose my virginity if I can, to any 7/10 chink who's horny.
The only downside if u go to high school here as a white male, is that a lot of the girls are asexual, so there's
a chance that you'll end up competing for a limited group of horny females, like tinder.
Living as an incel in places like Malibu or San Diego is probably hell on earth because good looking white ppl
collect there, but here u can find solace.

If you are an incel who plans to have kids(LOL), move to some LA suburb and at least let your kid enjoy a bluepill
existence of validation before he gets rudely woken up when he moves into white dominated corporate America and dating life.