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Does this girl like me? [Story + vid]


Staff member
Jun 29, 2015
So I went to this basketball game with my mates. I'm not a huge fan or anything but decided to go anyway as I like to watch sports in real life. It was a Friday and I was kind of thirsty so I went to get a drink at the bar. There was these two girls who both looked kinda cute. One was Asian, but looked more like a EuroAsian. She had a nice body with really white teeth. I would rate her about a 7/10. The other girl was this cute blonde who looked really fit. Anyway...as I was getting my drink I recon they were both looking at me. Not for very long, but just enough for me to see that they were looking (if you know what I mean). I got kinda butterflies in my stomach and sort of blushed for a second. Afterwards I went back to my mates and finished watching the game. It was a good game but I couldn't stop thinking about those two girls all the time. It was if I couldn't think of anything else. As we were leaving the game my friend saw the two girls and said I should go over and talk to them. I approached and just kinda tried to look cool but didn't say anything. It was semi awkward but I could tell from their body language that they were into me, especially the blonde girl, which I liked the most. Anyway, I left without getting her number, but I know she will be there for the next game this Friday. My friend was with me and he had his cell phone out and was filming us. What do you guys think of the video?