Do you think women who missed out on internet age feel shocked at today's hypergamy?


Jul 1, 2015
The internet and dating apps is what really opened an endless world of dating opportunities for ALL women, not just the 6+. A freedom to date guys way above your looks, i.e. hypergamy. What's more, they will pick you out and send you messages by the 100s per day.

I wonder if a certain number of women who were in their prime before the internet and dating app age feel bitter and jealous. I'm talking about 3s to 5s, today's worshipped, validation queens, but yesterday's invisible girls.

Sure, there would have been opportunities for them even then, like bars and nightclubs. But they would have been at least 18 and it would have taken an impetus from them.

Before the internet age there must have been A LOT more incel girls... shy girls, loner girls, girls from small communities cut out from the outside.

Back them they couldn't just pick up a phone of tablet and received endless complimentary comments, messages and validation.

I wonder if some of these womennow look at the current crop of young girls with a certain amount of jealousy. They weren't maximise their youth and get Chad validation in the way these girls are doing.