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Did sexual dysfunction play a role in turning you cuckold?


Jul 18, 2015
[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I wonder if for most cuckolds their cuckold fetish was maily driven by sexual dysfunction of the cuckold , small penis , or inability to please his wife sexually .

In my case , I think it played a major role . I've always been bad in sex , I have a small dick 3.5 inches . I was always shy in dealing with girls and women . I wasn't good in bed either , I lacked stamnia and couldn't keep erection for long . 

In my first sexual experience when I was a teenager , it was with an older woman , I was 18 and she was in her 30 s . I couldn't perform well , and got limb , she made fun of my small dick and inability to perform well , and she told me to leave . I went back home and masturbated .

Years later , I had another sexual experience and it was the same failure . The lady was more nice to me , she didn't humiliate me , but again I couldn't perform well or cum , and I masturbated after she left .

Later , I had a girlfriend , we went out and dated , we were both into BDSM , she liked to dominate me , but when I tried to initiate sex with her she got angry and broke up with me . Strangely , this experience excited me and after she left I jerked off thinking of my sex denial by her .

I met another Femdom who became like my girlfriend , but when I initiated sex with her again she rejected me and she told me she wouldn't have sex with a slave like me .

Finally , I married my current wife When I was 30 years old . I didn't tell her about my cuckold fantasies . She married me mostly because she was into Femdom . We had sex but she wasn't satisfied , she cheated on me for months behind my back , and when I knew , instead of hurting me it excited me . 

When I asked her why she cheated on me , she told me it was because I was bad in sex , she liked big dicks , more macho guys , etc .
We agreed that she could cuckold me . But after 2 years and 4 lovers things turned nasty when she fell in love with her bull and left me . Later she came back to me and I accepted her back . She decided not to continue with cuckolding since she wanted to keep our marriage and she was afraid of falling in love with a lover again .

But now , she's thinking again about cuckolding , and most of the time when we have sex I have to lick her and use a big dildo on her , and she imagines herself fucking a black dick .

My question to you is : Did your sexual dysfunction , small dick , inability to please your wife sexually play a role in turning you into a cuckold ?[/font]