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Theory Democracy + current world economic estructure (based on federal reserve act 1913) = complete failure !

Regular Doomer

Feb 21, 2021
They're incompatible systems !

There is no vacum in power, there fore you need 4 powers to act in orther to maintain balance and moderate each other !

It goes like this:

In a democracy + current world economic estructure (based on federal reserve act 1913) both the economy and the politics became one working in their own benefity without any space for the other powers to act !
The democrat politicians doesn't respond to no one but their own benefit (wich is found in the economic system) once the rotation of power make them corrupt (extract everything you can for the shortest period of time), wich doesn't happen in an stable, small and formal poitical system.

That's the main reason why the formalism is extremely importante, when society becames overcomplex, each power is hiden and so it's the individuals pulling the strings so no power can actualy moderate the other by their own influence !

Help´me out here to formulate my theory about this if you get where I'm going, it's kind of confuse to put up a decent text about that !