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Red Pill Dated a girl I somehow like

Jul 28, 2021
I'm a hardcore blackpill/redpill guy who's been getting mistreated and toyed around by a lot of women in the past. So I just finished unj and I decided to hit on the last remaining girl I had a connection with. We knew each other from a project we were doing together in the last semester and after we finished it the summer and passed the exams we never talked again. I texted her after two months like literally three days ago to ask her what she's up to and to see how's she is doing. Long story short I asked her out because I never seen her in uni due to covid and unis were closed we only saw each other through web cam while doing the project back in the summer. She agreed on going out with me. easiest fucking time I arranged a date with a girl. We literally arranged the date the next day.

So I was kinda anxious if I will like her cuz I've only seen her through camera. For some reason I was sure of myself that she will like me. Tall handsome boy like me never fails to give an impression to a girl. So I call her. She tells me she thinks she saw me. So I see her. Once I see her I feel a relief inside of me cuz I liked her. 5'3 me 6'4 her head was barely reaching my chest. Petit brunette with a nice body and a really cute face." I'm like yes thank god she ain't ugly irl". So we going immediately for some cocktails. Conversation flows so good. She is a really smart girl with a good understanding of my own way of thinking and expressing. Have you ever had a girl who completely responds to what you say and goes along with you? That was exactly her. The vibes were good. They weren't any awkward silences. So time passes. We decide to pay and then go for a walk around in a small park. So we go there I'm like I gotta make a move now. We sit on a bench I'm starting to break the touch barrier holding her little hand on my big ass hand playing with her bracelets while looking her in the eyes and teasing her all kinds of stuff to make it less awkward. So I'm like "you ain't sitting comfortably come closer to me" she like I'm comfortable you come close to me. So I pull her things on the side and go closer to her. I lean forward I tell her something smooth (I don't remember what it was) then I touch her cheek and go for the kiss. Big success we kiss we hook up it felt amazing. Then blah blah blah dates over

My real question is how am I continuing this? From past experiences I've always kept conversations going endlessly with girls I've dated and never even got laid with them. I don't know if I want something serious but the girl seems to like things going slowly and I actually like that..she seems nice and kinda shy compared to the other thots I've dated. After I returned home she texted me first if I got there and how I am. We discussed a little bit and goodnight each other. Next day we said a good morning but in her last text I didn't continue it and just left it on seen with a reaction on her text. I was thinking about letting her text me first and not text her for at least a couple of days. I even thought about starting games with her from the beginning. Like wait for her to ask me out and even cancel her but idk if that's the right move. Should I be the one texting her and ask her out for the second date? Tbh Im just afraid to screw up again and fail somehow before fucking her. Idk what to do . I have this inner feeling that she liked me a lot. She kept talking about how tall I am. She even said I have a nice shape of eyes when we were sitting drinking the cocktails and she asked me if I'm used to people looking at me when going inside cafeterias and shit and if I notice that. At the end of the date she even said it would be worth it if we stayed longer together but I had to leave soon so I said "we could hang out longer in the future if we date again"

Btw I have to mention she doesn't have an Instagram not even Facebook. She only uses messenger and that's somehow positive for me but still anybody can somehow hit on her and get her interest while I'm playing the slow-down game and aloof shit


Not Trying
Gorilla Crew
Feb 6, 2021
Read it again and give an advice habibi. I think I like this girl. I've hated women all my life and I think she's a good one
Idk what to tell you. If it was me I would think she went to chads house after + got brutally penetrated.

But I’m mentally ill + semi retarded so idk


Σ♂️ grindset
Feb 13, 2020
u should invite her over and make out then sex or if u want to play it safe make out with her on another similar date then sex her on another date etc.


No Escape
Sep 16, 2017
i hope it doesnt work out for you OP