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Dame was painfull to walk past my old highschool


Aug 29, 2015
Basically my elementary school i spent 3 years at from grades 3-5 is across the street from the highchool i spent my freshmen and sophmore year at. And as i went for a walk past the high-school saw some teens on the baseketball team practicing and i thought when i played in that very gym 14 years ago. I sense of regret went over me wishing i had done more to socialize took more risk looks-maxed. I then went on face book and looked people up faces and some people and everyone looks like there 8-12 years older than me. Its like iam socially and physically stunned compared to them. I even looked a girl i had oneitis for during the 8th grade and she looked like she went from a 8/10 at 14 to a 6.5/10 at age 28 she looks like she is 11 years older than me. Then i looked up the girl i had crush on for 3 years in elementary school she went from a 8/10 at age 10 to a 6/10 at age 28.

I then thought of this video because my freshmen year i watched this episode of days of my lives and i thought about that time.
Legit people look like shit being still in college finishing my electronics degree is a god-send get to be around 18-24 year olds for 6-8 hours a day. I plan to ask melani out to the movies this weekend, she texted she is busy and booked with family over the break but school starts tommrow so she should be free this weekend. The girl is 21 and is a 6.5/10 but she can looks-max to a 7.5/10 she has a good hip to waist ratio good facial bones, seen her without makeup and rated her 6.5/10 by slut-hate standards.