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Daily reminder.

Feb 5, 2016
k the second girl that answered is just dumb.. if you are serious, you first need to gain some confidence and stand up for yourself.. people who are bullied are usually weak and passive.. and thats not a bad thing but its not a good thing either if your too much of that.. everyone in there lifetime has been called ugly or had someone "attempt" to bully them.. the difference between those people and you is that they stand up for themselves and they fight back.. EVERYONE has a weakness and flaws, if someone is making fun of your flaws you make fun of theres back.. and believe me they wont like it.. there is nothing wrong with you, answer these questions: 

do you have 2 eyes to see with? 

do you have 2 legs to walk with? 

do you have 1 mouth? 

do you have 1 nose? 

do you have hair? 

do you have 2 ears to hear out of ? 

most likley the answer is yes.. and the answer to your yes answers is that your HUMAN.. there is nothing off about you.. you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking that your ugly, i mean there are less fortuante people out there, some would dye to have two eyes to see out of, or hair they can comb.. or ears that they can hear out of... dont take advantage of what you already have because it could be ALOT worse.. take a walk through sick childrens hospital and see how many people there would KILL to have what you have.. to be healthy, to be able to eat, to hear to see.. do you see what i mean though... think about it.. 

your beautiful, love yourself, hold your head up high and walk with confidence.. stand up for yourself and be strong.. dont let people walk all over you... 

thats my advice.. 

good luck in life <33 

plastic surgery wont fix anything... you will still be insecure, you will still feel like there is something else wrong with you, you will still feel the need to be "perfect" which is what you want to achieve by having plastic surgery am i correct? 

look at micheal jackson and can you honestly tell me that this man was beautifull before or now? he is a perfect example of someone who has struggled with self esteem issues throughout his life, who has never felt pretty.. he got plastic surger and it wasnt good enough for him.. he wanted more and more just so he could look "perfect".. now look at him.. is that what you want to look like? 

NOTHING good comes with insecurity and the need for perfection.. nothing.. you always end up loosing in the end.. 

take it from this girl: 

she didnt think she was pretty either... now look at her.. 

do you want THAT to happen to you?? 

im sorry but you need to really get a reality check.. this is the REAL world and no one is perfect.. its impossible for anyone to be perfect.. everyone has flaws.. and THAT is the reality.. deal with it.