Daily Reminder That Even If You Pass the LMS Test...

Nov 5, 2015
The German Dream said:
penis size is the most underrrated thing in my oppinion.
like if you go watch french amateur porn, you will see almost only subhumans in any scene. but guess what, they have coca cola can sized dicks and they fuck those women with such force that they are constantly cumming and screaming of pleasure. like in that moment they want nothing more but that huuuge ass dick pounding them hardcore.
men like this will always have fuckbuddys, always have girls chasing after them just to get a good pounding.

meanwhile if i touch my 6x5" cock i can barely even feel it in my hands. it will never fully satisfy a woman. the most it will do is maybe give her a small little nice feeling...but NEVER full on hardcore pleasure and lust