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Daily Colez Redpill-Sports

Jul 6, 2016
Forwarded directly from the man himself while he's on a lunch in with Putin
[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]it's safe to say you're most likely a low T-cel. 

It's always the nerdy looking guys that proclaim they "don't really follow sports", "I don't take an interest in it".

It's always the glasses-wearing incel twinks who pride themselves in their genius IQs(which is another indicator of low testosterone as proven by studies)

It's always the incels who can't relate to the in-crowd of slayers who meet up to have a BBQ and watch the game every weekend

Then we have the academical slayers who are intelligent and sports-interested, but don't go around crowing about abstract intellectual or IQ-related shit. Knowing how to seperate school smarts from street smarts.

Guys who don't like sports are so pretentious, faggy and estrogenic it's pathetic.

Slayers always have a team. A team they'll stand up for in discussions with other slayers. If a slayer's team wins, it's his job to pick on his slayer-friends whose team lost. It's the very essence of manhood.

It doesn't mean you're over the top fanboy who cries when your team loses, it just means a healthy masculine interest that you can share with other masculine men.[/font]


May 20, 2016
legit. non sports watchers should just be euthanized, they only have a lifetime of pain ahead of them (unless they're attractive)