Clothing has become less bright and more dull since 9/11 [Quality thread] [Insightful

Dec 5, 2015





90s - More pics for the 90s cos the world was still good back then

You could argue that I'm using club or band photos, but;

1. Nobody dresses brightly like that in clubs anymore, people wear much more conservative colours and less outlandish outfits, e.g. just pants and a button up for men, a dress for women, and;

2. There are widespread reports of nightclubs shutting down in many cities:

Is clubbing in the UK dying out? Figures released this week by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) showing that UK nightclubs have halved in a decade suggests so: in 2005 there were 3,144 nightclubs in Britain but now [in 2015] this is down to 1,733.

People are simply wearing less bright colours and bold patterns these days.

From Google Images, "2010s fashion":

All greys, muted colours, earth colours.

Post 9/11 = surveillance state. More people wear sunglasses. More people keep earphones in while walking or on public transport. People give out eye contact less - particularly a NYE phenomenon.

5 Things I have learned about New York City:

1. Never make eye contact, with anyone, while walking on the streets of New York City. It just makes everything more complicated.