Closed my first money deal online - $$$


Jul 19, 2015
Remember my thread a few weeks ago (possibly a bit more than a month ago) when I said I will be making money soon on the internet?

My exams are over for around 4-5 weeks now..I got sick for one week and used the other weeks to work efficiently using everything in my congitive repertoire to detect patterns, thinking about products, marketing strategies etc.

While doing my first marketing stunt wihtout even planning to sell, I got a few people hitting me up wanting to pay me to buy stuff. I closed one deal to make sure that this is really happening etc. and yeah, got the money, delivered what I promised. Everyhting's good.

Got around 2-3 other interested guys to go. I am planning a real realase, the first thing was just a promo stunt though.

I am getting a bit lazier also however since I somehow proved to myself that I can in fact make money online (it was more of an ego thing i guess?). I will however get to work very very soon (in a few days I guess) and try bigger things.

That's what a high IQ is for and that's how it manifests itself ;) Others than that, if you cant make money, slay pussy or anything else that is hugely in your favor, forget your "IQ".