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Childhood is extremely important (Childhood theory)


Jul 6, 2015
I wouldn't go so far to say that it's everything, but it's very important that you had a good childhood in order to not be fucked in the head once you're in your early 20's. If you consider the main aspects of life (career and relationships to keep things simple) it's helpful to have certain personality traits that make attaining these things in greater quality and quantity easier. These personality traits cannot be learned from reading a self-help book, they have to be developed over the course of one's childhood. The attractive kids had this, we did not.

If you were an attractive child growing up, you're going to get a lot of positive reinforcement throughout your youth which will lead to you forming a friendly, extroverted, confident personality. In tandem with your looks this personality will make things simpler for you. Lets ignore women here and talk about how this pertains to your career. If you are good looking and have a friendly, extroverted demeanor, your career will soar. You'll rise through the ranks and easily be able to open your own business since networking will be a breeze for you. You'll have a positive first impression, people will like you, want to associate with you, and buy your product. In the business world who you know is everything since that's how the higher ups will want to promote you and/or how you'll be able to attract new clients to your business. There are certain personality traits that are necessary for this and they cannot be learned later on in life.

Beyond a certain age it's very difficult if not impossible to change your personality. For a lot of us this won't matter, but lets say you were a 3/10 during your younger years (youth through college), but then after finding Puahate/Sluthate/Red Pill you looksmax and reach a 6/10 (being generous). Your looks will have greatly improved but the experiences in your youth that formed your personality will forever remain the same and thus you'll still have your old personality traits. I do believe that you can get enough positive validation to change your personality, but you'd have to go through an extreme transformation for this to take place (like from a 3 to an 8) as it would take an incredible amount of positive validation to undo the conditioning if your youth. As a 6, you're attractive enough to be treated better than you were before, but not attractive enough to cause a change in personality. You'll end up being an extremely insecure 6/10 who never thinks he's good enough and that introverted personality will always hold you back somewhat(even if only a little bit).

Switching gears back to women, we know that LMS and the Halo effect is what gets you girls, but even the best looksmaxed version of yourself will have to go up against good looking men who had good childhoods and who have good (extroverted) personalities and against them you have no chance. I may have just made a long drawn out argument for personality theory, but I'm really starting to think this shit matters. When everyone is roughly average and on even footing LMS wise (5/10) personality really can be the difference maker. Childhood is what creates your personality.

Personality = childhood
Childhood = personality

I know other users have mentioned childhood theory before and it's extremely legit in my mind now.


Aug 17, 2015

there is a massive article on this both here and in SH