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Can I run Yung Lean game?


Jun 29, 2015
I'm damn near 30 but I look like I'm in my early 20s. So I probably still have some time to become a YouTube autistic rap superstar.

I need a music producer who can do beats (My autistic lyrics can get a music producer noticed) and a music video director who can recreate my autistic vision.

Get Your Own McFlurry

People ask me what kinda job I want
I want a blowjob motherfucka
NEET for life
I fuck your wife (white boy style)
I be all like Sean Avery
Enjoy the sloppy seconds, baby gravy
I be smoking blunts, fucking bitches
Mix that purple drank, sipping that dirty Sprite
Hubby burning that midnight oil
While I fuck yo wife, make yo blood boil
You worked hard to become somebody
Got your parents to arrange a marriage
Boy, I can guarantee you that ain't yo baby in that carriage
Ever wondered why she turned out a bit undone in the oven
You thought your wife was a virgin
Check your DM
That's my cum all over her face
Your wife tells you that she's sexually conservative
But when my thick white cock be up in her, you a #cuckservative