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Called up the sexy latinas emily and sophia


Aug 29, 2015
So iam in class and iam takin to sophia she tells me she is into magna and one piece , naruto, attack on titan etc.
Girl body is so sexy she went bent down to write her name of attendence i almost exploded she is 18 and will be 19 this summer iam 28. So i tried calling her but there was a all circuits are busy error, so i plan to ask her to concert for this friday int he city ill post on how it went tomrrow after class. The sexy bodied emily who i meet while she was buying a snack at vendor only has tuesday off for the whole day so i told her after class  next tuesday ill call her up we can go out ill set something up this girl is 20 years old. Been working out this summer intense 35 minute work outs 7x a week.