British born Asians are so unoriginal and bland


Jul 1, 2015
They have zero originality and wear shit clothes which they think are trendy but are naff. Everything from their haircut to heavily clichéd conversation is bland, tacky and vulgar and they don't even realise it. The paki will wear some loud and common perfume like Le Male or Carolina Herrera and think he's a hot shot  :lol:

Example: I was in the chemists and there was this British Asian guy there with his wife and baby. His wife said 'Can we buy this, or you want to read review firdt?' It was a little cheap gadget thing. 

He said then 'I'll read the reviews first'. Lol this was for a cheap bit of tat and he wanted to read a review on it first because he thinks it's clever and 'the thing to do'. Yeah when youre buying a phone or camera, not for cheap £4 items you dumb paki  :lol:

Another funny thing are low IQ pakis who take shitty business and accountancy and think they're going to be the next Apprentice of Alan Sugar (another example of how tacky and class they are, they bring up tv shows when discussing something they think is high brow like their shitty paki business diploma).