Bored with low IQ things = I am high IQ??!


Jul 19, 2015
Yasss...another IQ thread and this time by me and myself (the guy who hates iq threads)

I have said somewhere else that I got diagnosed blabla with high IQ etc.

However, my real question is this:

I am bored with doing nothing, I just CANNOT sit around and watch series or movies all the time or just "chill". I don't even know how that actually works, I need to do something all the time, mostly business related stuff (coding, researching, selling, reading, etc.)

I tried so often in the last few days just to watch funny sitcoms but I just doesn't satisfy or entertain me enouhg for a long time. The same with computer games, I never play games...

How do guys even ROT on here lol..

Is that all a sign for high IQ or is it just me being a workaholic? Coding, selling, everything where I just basically have to do something and cognitive activity is satisfying me somehow...