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Blackburn: White teen punched in unprovoked attack as he walked through park

Jan 26, 2016

Shuiab Khan / 09:40 Thursday 28 January 2016

A TEENAGER was assaulted as he walked through a Blackburn park.
The 13-year-old was punched in the stomach in an unprovoked attack in Corporation Park.

Police have issued a witness appeal following the assault and said they are looking for two Asian older teens who were wearing dark hooded tops.
The teenager, who lives off Dukes Brow in Blackburn, had gone to catch his school bus on East Park Road when the attack happened.
His mum, who does not want to be named, said: “His normal bus route had changed so he had to walk through the park to catch the bus to school as the new term began.
“Normally he catches the bus from Johnston Street in Blackburn but now he has to get it from the other side of Corporation Park.
“He waited for the bus but it did not arrive so he decided to make his way back home and catch a taxi. I rang him and told him to meet me at the entrance to the park.”
An hour passed and after not hearing from her son she tried to ring him to find out where he was.
“He called me back and was upset and crying,” she said.
“In a panic I set off for the park and I found him sitting on a bench holding his ribs."
Her son said he had been attacked for no reason as he walked through the park. She added: "He was really shaken up and didn’t tell me at first what had happened.
“It has really affected him.
“He was off school for a week.
"I am not sure why anyone would do anything like this. It is the first time anything has happened to him.”
A police spokesman said: “We were contacted by the mother of a 13-year-old boy saying that around 8.30am on January 11 her son was walking through Corporation Park when two unknown offenders approached him from behind.
“They have then punched him in the stomach and made off in an unknown direction.
“They are described as Asian and were wearing dark hooded tops.