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Benzo fury (legal mdma)and hookers this weekend,inshaAALLAH


Jun 30, 2015
I am so excited for this weekend .I will try benzo fury for the first time and see a hot hooker.I havent gotten my penor wet in ages. 

had thai food monday,and it didnt have the luster it had when I first deflowered it  .  it kina tasted bland  .maybe it was just the shitty weed I was taking,sometimes its best to be sober  .

anyway,one of the utmost blissfull  experiences of my life is to get high on some type of eurphoria and fuck hot girls.Ive done some really stony sativas before and they do help you get more euphoric and sensational but it can never compare to MDMA from what Ive read.  MDMA is ahrd to find in the entherlands from a  trustworthy source so Im gonna try its legal cousin  benzo  .

the come up lasts a long ass time  too.

I can look forward to a good weekend .