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Being the highest L(M)S Jock/Chad and blowing your brains out on stage as Prom King


Oct 27, 2015
The idealist of ideal life...

Imagine having the highest L
Date/ bang the most desirable girls
Captain of sports team
Maxed out youth
Dream life
Then on eve of school leaving prom you are voted Prom King you walk up stage and say
"ive experianced everything good life has to offer, there is nothing left for me" and proceed to blow your brains out

The whole country would go into shock, you have millions of JB attened funeral, you would be a natiional tradegy a boy so young who had it all his life ahead of him. You would go internet viral, you would be on every JBs social media, every JB would compare any potential male partner against you and he wouldnt stack up. You would be forever remembered

instead when you die, noone will even know