Being low, or even average IQ scares me


Sep 20, 2015
Even now that I am at uni, I still worry my IQ is not high enough to succeed. Its always been like that. When I was a child I convinced myself I was low IQ/dumb and it was always on my mind. I always worry I am not good enough and wont make it. In early hs the worry was that I wouldn't make it to late hs, the worry when I got to late hs was that I wouldn't do well, now the worry is if I am intelligent enough to complete my uni course. I'm sure if I complete uni, the worry will be if I can land and maintain a good job like a high iq individual(not that I want to workcel, I have no choice, thats another issue)

It never ends.

@"Bukowski" was right all along.

IQ is life :ugh: