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be leary if youre super sexually charged towards your gf


Jan 26, 2016
What I mean is that if you can easily fuk your gf/wife two or three rimes a day with max erectile strength then you need to work very hard at being attractive in every aspect of life to keep her. Vice versa, if you dont have an easy time getting sexually charged towards your woman and you really can only fuk her once a day and probably 5 times a week max then chances are shes not gonna cheat on you!

Heres the thing. A mans sex drive depends on the sexual openness of the woman. If shes being sexy then the guy is gonna feel her sexyness and thus hes gonna wanna fuk. But if she doesnt feel sexy very often then her vibes in the air are going to keep her man turned off.

Heres the worst part of all this! A womans feeling of sexiness is derived from  how men in society treat her. If all men gawk at her and shes always got a plethura of white knights/stalkers/ex lovers always coming around sayin hi etc then shes gonna feel pretty fuking sexy about herself. Be leary if your woman loves to fuk because her love of fuking is coming from the standpoint that shes heavily sexually in vogue. Basically when it comes down to it, if your lady to fuk alot and is always ready to fuk its because youre not the only guy talking to her and youre not the only guy that notices her body. In fact every 5 minutes a guy is looking her up and down and every 10 minutes a guy is texting/fbing her saying how beautiful she is. This doesnt mean shes cheating....but it also doesnt mean shes not cheating.

Vice versa....if shes rarely sexually open it means that men in general are not gawking ajd men are not hitting her up on social media. Shes actually not all that sexually open because its just YOU that compliments her and touches her and gawks at her. To you this sounds like monogomy and how things are suppose to be. SO in this case shes not cheating. If she was cheatijg then her entire sex drive would be elevated.

Heres even scarier than it all! If it goes on for years that the man is the undisputed lone male then she sex drive will die a horrible death because......mens sex drive depends on if that one woman loves to fuk...but womens sex drive depends on just how many men oit there wanna fuk her. Its a scary world out there when it comes to being in love with women. Chances are that if no men look at her or hit her up then no man is gonna get laid. Women need to be universally desired.

When your woman isnt in the mood to fuk its because shes depressed that the cute guy at the gym and the store and at school dont look at her. Shes depressed and sexually fead because she looks at her fb page and no man has greeted her. Then she gets a message from her bf saying "hey hunny" and she goes "ugh".....probably then proceeds to stalk her ex bfs page right after you say hi. She needs validation, she needs men. Men men men


Jul 7, 2015
I always leave right after sex  :lol:

not doing so is a beta move


Dec 9, 2015
I'll never get a girlfriend that I find really attractive and gets me so hard to fuck her like described. I can't even get a 1/10 warpig.