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Asian Men are not anymore undesirable than Niggers


Aug 3, 2015
Go look at the historical rates for mixing between the sexes. Almost all historical mixing with blacks involved black females and non-black males, whether with Arabs, with Asians (Madagascar, etc.) or with Iberians in Latin America. This is proven in the genetic data for y-chromosomes. Blacks are the most undesirable race, even Blackcels admit this, the only people in denial closet homo cuckold faggots. At max you can say blacks and asians are equal, even then, the only difference is that other races prefer Asian women to Black women, so the fact that between an asian woman and a black woman, they choose the former, is why interracial rates with asians are so off-balanced compared to blacks. If they didn't have a choice, it would be way more black women with non-blacks, than vice versa.