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"As a Asian men how do you become more attractive?" [Ullzzang take notes]

May 28, 2019

Have anti-racist training. No one is attracted to a human punching bag.
First be attractive to yourself and purse your passion project on freetime.
Share your passion projects with others.
Practice having extreme fun socializing.
Walk up to people and start talking.
There are some who try to fake it by pretending to be busy and hard to get. Be real works out in long run.

as an asian guy who went through the dating phase and now am in a great relationship with a girl that I had to fight against media biases to be considered like it's ok that we're together, I would honestly say, asian guys need to know what we can and can't pull off. I would second on everything like dressing well, working out, etc, but these things won't get you laid, they just prevent you from not getting laid. And this discernment is important. People will never see us as that big jacked masculine guy that they would fuck simply because we are jacked and that masculine. Know where to fight defense and offense.
As far as where asian guys can shine in dating, I honestly think it is with in-person, either social circle, or places where you aren't instantly discredited in the first 10 minutes. Off the list is online. Probably not club/bars, unless you are extremely hot.
Cold approach I have actually done much better than bar/club/online, because I think then you are talking to girls who are normal down to earth girls, who aren't stuck up and going out all the time. They'll give you a chance, because asians come across as nonthreatening, we fly under the radar, and when you get them comfortable, the average girl is just as lonely / horny as any girl who goes clubbing or is on tinder.
Also, social circle if you have the fucking time.
But back to the main point. fashion and working out is to prevent you from not getting laid. But they will not get you laid.

Don't give a fuck about stuff. I mean, not stuff that's legitimately important, but stuff like embarrassment, getting in trouble, etc. Chicks tend to like this. It's a good baseline to start with. Try to have fun and bring fun to those around you, but ultimately also have the "fuck you/fuck this" card in your back pocket to play as needed

Well you’re basically doing all you can do. Hope your aesthetics live up to what others consider attractive is all that can be done at this point

Your doughy Asian girls belong to Germanic types como yo


Mar 28, 2018
Chicken soup for the soul tier. Incessant bullshit. Turtle soup. You can pick em up by the river and sel them to the chinaman for 5 dollars