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Are women punished for indecent public exposure like men?

Jun 30, 2015
No. It is well known that male and female judicial punishments vary dramatically; even for similar offences - certainly in the UK. This seems to particularly apply to sexual offences.

Cases in point. This week, we read about a 21yo female having sexual intercourse with an 11yo boy. The cunt in question was charged, found guilty and got to walk free from court with a suspended sentence.

Then, a few days later, some incel straddles a 16yo female on a train, and a national manhunt is declared; with live reports from 29 districts without commercial interruptions.

I am not excusing the man's actions in the latter case for a moment - but you can bet that he will be caught and 'jailed' for the assault. Meanwhile, the shitcunt in the former case (arguably commtting a much worse offence) was largely excused from jail because - wait for it - she was deemed as too immature. What a fucking fantastic piece of judiciary mitigation.

Just another instance of where equality is selectively applied.